Check Engine Light Diagnostics and Service

Regular Check-Engine Light diagnostics helps ensure that your vechicle is in safe working condition. Your vechcile computer system provide key information displayed with the dashboard information lights. If the Check-Engine Light come ON, you should bring your vechicle tp BP Port Auto Service Inc., as soon as possible. Our expert team will diagnose and repair the problem.

Oil Change and Lube Services

Your vechicle relies on oil, lubrication and oil filter to keep it running smoothly. Every 3 months or 3,000 miles, your vechicle will require oil change. By taking care of your vechicle with PB Port Auto Service Inc. oil change services you'll be getting the peace of mind that your vechicle will be running without problem for a long time, and also will safe you a costly repairs.

Brake Inspection, Service & Repair

The break system provides the ability to stop a vechicle efficiently and safly, and therefore is a vital component of driving safely. A well maintasined brake system protects the vechicles, driver, passengers and everyone else sharing the road. We recommend brake inspection at regular intervals, usualy every 12,000 miles, to ensure vechicle safety and cost effective repairs.

General Mechanic Services

From engine computer diagnostics, transmission diagnostics and repair to auto air condition maintaince our expert mechanics provide top notch workmanship, excelent customer service and unbeatable service price. Come to BP Port Auto Service Inc. to check, repair, or diagnose any issue or problem with your vechicle. We are here to Help!

Engine & Transmition diagnostics and repair

At BP Port Auto Service Inc, we provide affordable engine and transmition repair services with over 20 years of experience for both old and new make and models vechicles. If you experience any problem with your engine and/or transmition visit us at our shop and we will be glad to provide you with outstanding service and repair, to keep your vechicle reliable and running like new.

Tires and Wheel Alignment

When your tire alignment is off, your ability to opperate safely is compromised. The better maintenance you keep, the longer your vechicle will run without problems. If your vechcile alignment feels off, come and see us at BP Port Auto Service Inc. and our team of experts will service your vechicle. When your vechicle wheels are alligned your vechicle and you are safe on the road.

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